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Traditional roof with channel tiles

Renovation can be partial (repair of guttering, waterproofing...) or comprehensive.

Traditional rooves are made with purlins, rafters, struts and tiles. During a comprehensive renovation, we replace all elements without the inhabitants having to move out temporarily.

Many finishes are possible :

- Traditional renovation : removing tiles, struts, rafters and if necessary the purlins. Then we replace the rafters, we change the planks nailed to the rafters, the flexible tiles and the channel tiles. We usually keep some of the old tiles to reuse them at a later time.

JPEG - 171.5 kb
Toiture défectueuse avant travaux

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Toiture après travaux

- Renovation of sandwich purlins : same principle as before : the difference is adding a layer of rafters, a rafter box which makes sure the roof structure is between the purlins, roof insulation and the inside face. These boxes have the advantage of being able to leave most of the purlins exposed on the under side and they have a good insulation ratio.

We have different tiles and struts to recommend for traditional renovations.


  • Panneaux sandwich structure
  • Panneaux sandwich
  • Fibratop silver plâtre

Exterior Renovation

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Traditional roofing with special tiles

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