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Lime interior painting and traditional painting

Lime painting :

Lime painting has historically been used on the inside and the outside of buildings. It protects the underlying material (stones, bricks, wood...), covers the fissures and can be coloured. The high pH of the lime discourages bacteria. Lime is a biological and natural product. Lime mortar is permeable to steam but not permeable to water. Water can evaporate from walls which means it can significantly contribute to the evaporation of humidity inside a house.

Traditional Painting :

- Preparation of the surface and finish (stripping the existing wall, filing cracks, coating, application of special finishes..)

- Applications : painting (glycerol or acrylic..), wall paper, wall covering....


  • Peinture à la chaux
  • application couleurs

Interior renovation

- Ceramic tiles, Earthenware

Different possible arrangements of ceramic tiles and earthenware

- Plasters

We make traditional plaster and lay down plaster blocks.

- Interior Masonry

Making interior masonry

- Painting

Lime interior painting and traditional painting

Our recent projects

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