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Lime walling

Last modifications : Friday 8 January 2010

We are creating lime walling

Why choose lime ?
- Lime is a natural and biological product
- It protects the wall against erosion from the elements (eg. rain water, ice, physical damage, etc.)
- It provides both sound and thermal insulation.
- It adapts to the natural movements of the wall, helping to avoid cracks.

During and after application, the lime mortar is permeable to steam but not to water, allowing it to breathe.
- The lime mortar can easily be coloured to personal preference.
- The lime mortar is easy to apply and adheres to different surfaces.

Application of the coating : The first two steps are done mechanically and then the third and final step is done by hand.
- The priming layer is the first step, the purpose of which is to ensure that the coating will stick properly.
- The second layer is 15 to 20mm thick and ensures the wall will be impermeable and smooth
- The final layer is 5 to 12 mm thick, and the purpose is to decorate and protect the wall. It is applied a minimum of 7 days after the application of the second layer.

Different finishes :
- Grained effect
- Thrown with the trowel effect
- Smoooth effect
- Scratched effect
- Sponged effect

Lime paint :
- Colour wash
- Hard water
- Aged effect

They are made with natural pigments and milk of lime.

Different techniques with the use of lime allow us to realise some very specific requirements .
- For exterior wall cladding, the mortar joints can be done with a mixture of lime and sand.
- If you want to repair any broken or damaged stones, you can use a mixture of lime, plaster and sand

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We are creating lime walling

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