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Our different floors

According to the plan and different constraints of the house, we can suggest different types of floors.

Concrete floors

- Girder floors are usually comprised of concrete girders with cement in between. This has the advantage of being able to support a heavy load but they are really heavy.

- « Clay roof » floors : they have the same characteristics as a conventional floor but the under surface is left open. It is not necessary to install a false ceiling.

JPEG - 146.2 kb
Plancher limoux, hourdis saverdun terre cuite
Plancher laissé apparent

- Steel girder floors , these floors are used in between.

Wooden floors

- Traditonal wooden floors. Wooden Planks and purlin with light granuland screed.

- Wooden floor with Nail Web beams : Nail Web purlins with insertion of wooden planks.


  • Plancher bac acier avant coulage béton
  • plancher bac acier coulé
  • Panne chêne
  • Remplacement d'un platelage bois
  • Platelage bois apparent sur poutre nail web
  • Panne nail web
  • Remplacement d'un platelage bois
  • Poutre nail web

Exterior Renovation

- Lime walling

We are creating lime walling

- Masonry

Masonry projects

- Flooring

Our different flooring

- Roofing

Traditional roofing with special tiles

Our recent projects

Maitre Artisan

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